Legal family matters can often be complicated and upsetting, especially when information, verbal or written agreements, and legal documentation are being disputed.

Wether you are looking for a solution to Child custody settlements or validating wills, our private investigation can assist you and your lawyer in gathering facts and evidence to help you find a fair and ethical solution.

Our private detectives in London have excellent legal knowledge, which is supplemented by consulting with specialist lawyers. 

We are a serious and competent contact for private investigations in Greater London and the United Kingdom. 


London – United Kingdom

child endangerment

You have a suspicion?

child maintenance


UK – Germany – Spain

child custody

visitation rights – shared custody

divorce settlement

We can’t represent all of our investigation service on this website. Every case is an individual problem and needs an individual solution.

We find an effective solution for you.

You get an expert advice for your request.

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